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The first international meeting of all partners involved in the project "By developing.....


                         We are implementing an international project.

The first international meeting of all partners involved in the project "By developing competencies of teaching staff,  we develop the creativity in children and youth" took place between  the 17th and  20th  of November 2015  in Wodzislaw  (Poland).

The meeting was organized by the project leader, Non-public Youth Educational Centre in Węgrzynów and was attended by representatives of all partner institutions.

The project partners are:

Parents Association of Agios Spiridonas Special School- a special school run by the association of parents of Larnaca on Cyprus,  

Technical School of Limassol - technical vocational school in Limassol on Cyprus,

Reykjavik Miðberg Fristundamidstodin-  an institution which organizes after-school activities for children and youth in Reykjavik  (Iceland),

Istituto Comprensivo Via F.S. Nitti Rome - a group of educational institutions  consisting of a elementary school and a lower secondary school in Rome (Italy), and  

the Board of Education in Kielce- a Polish partner.

The main objective of this project is to improve the professional competence of teachers and others working with children and young people in educational organizations, so that they can effectively implement educational tasks. International cooperation is an opportunity to exchange experiences with people from other countries and to improve the linguistic competence of the project participants, which is a key competence in the European Union. A wide range of experiences of the partner institutions, due to the different character of the activities of each partner, offers a unique opportunity to acquire new methods and ways of working with children and youth, and consequently to achieve better educational outcomes. The project provides an opportunity to learn about other cultures and to use this knowledge in global education of children and youth in order to shape their social competences, which are also considered to be a key competence, according to European Union. Furthermore, the participants will broaden their knowledge of European projects and partnerships, which will allow them to take further initiatives in the future. Those involved in the project are devoted to working with young children with poor educational outcomes, low self-esteem or displaying different types of special needs. In the group of recipients of the project participants we may also distinguish people with intellectual disabilities, socially maladjusted and often requiring a special organization of learning and working methods. The possibility of engaging in an international dialogue of expert is an opportunity for teachers, trainers and other persons working with children and young people, but also it is a great opportunity for their pupils and students as well, the indirect recipients of project results.

During the first meeting expert of the project - Emilia Wojdyła discussed the following items on the agenda:

a) objectives of the project and the main activities

b) innovative aspect of the project

c) responsibilities of the project leader and the project partners

d) responsibilities of the Project Management Team

e) results of the project

f)  methods of dissemination of the project results

g) means of evaluating the project

A detailed timetable for implementing the project was developed and discussed.  Various stages of implementation of the project were presented. The tasks for the coming months were planned. The project partners started to develop training programs which will constitute the basis for the trainings attended by representatives of each institution.

The meeting participants visited Cracow and the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Foreign guests enjoyed sightseeing of Krakow. They were also impressed with the underground mine.

The main events in the project and the results of the project will be disseminated via the website of the project leader and the project partners, the media and other available means.

The meeting was extremely productive and the discussion went on in a very friendly atmosphere.  The photos were taken to document the meeting.

The project management team

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